Turn to a new page of life



Finally, I landed in Taiwan. Having turned to a new page of life after clearing heaps of roadblock in my home town­, I have settled down and fulfilled my fantasy of returning to school after working for a living. Thanks to all causes and conditions that paved my way. I am glad to be here.  What’s more, in an area that I want to pursue further studies, it is my choice; without any parental guidance.   


Buddhism is a way to wake up from ignorance and become awakened. When I first came across some of the doctrines that teach the true nature of human life, it mentioned that life is impermanent, unsatisfactory and the idea of no self. These struck me. I apply them to my daily life and find they are timeless truth, such amazing ideas that I can benefit from. There are much more to learn, I wanted to dive deep, then I started to explore the Buddhist teachings, like a thirsty man looking for water. In the beginning, the studies were scattered and like walking on a rocky road, I have decided to be focus by spending more time to understand, and also to learn on how my minds can be developed to realise the true nature of human life. The thought of attending a structured course grows, I should no longer put myself in previous approach of piece meal learning. 


There are only two universities in Taiwan that offer Buddhist studies. After I read the course structure and outline of DILA, I have a strong desire of coming to join the course here. This is one of my correct decisions in my life. Now I am given the best environment and in the dream place I pursue, I am on the right path, cultivating the mind to realise what they are.


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